Just Plant 2 is this idea that our conscious and conscientious efforts to make a difference in Nature do not have to be huge to create a positive outcome.

Boulevards: Creating Thriving Eco-Gardens in Challenging Spaces

Our boulevards are these often forgotten strips of land bordering our properties. They are intended to create a transition zone between vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and to green our city streets. Often, they are home to desired and undesired turf grasses, and various other weeds. Might it be possible to re-envision these urban fringes? What if they became connected green corridors abundant with food for pollinators and for human consumption? What if they were also subtle basins for capturing rain water flowing from our walkways? And beyond their functional considerations, could they support thoughtfully designed spaces, including public art? The fringe has the potential to become the new hub or connectors of all communities!

News Feeds & New Possibilities!

Recently, the news is hyper-focused on the challenges facing bees (and other pollinators); our diminished and compromised water resources; and a myriad of growing concerns about our food. So, what is the common thread? Is it that all of this is overwhelming and insurmountable? That is certainly one perspective. I think the common thread is CHOICE.

Boulevard Buzz!

Opportunities are as near as the next day. We simply need to envision new possibilities in areas that may often go unnoticed or simply be disregarded. Boulevards, and alleyways are certainly areas to rethink and repurpose.

One Seed and an Invitation

Each of us is a container of possibility, similar to the seeds we seek out in the spring to plant in our gardens. What is our potential and that of our resources to support new seeds? Amazingly abundant! It requires a willingness to re-imagine our communities and our connections to ALL beings.

The Changing Climate and Our Water

Winter is accompanied by freeze and thaw cycles. The other seasons are accompanied by wet and dry periods. he intensity and frequency of these cycles have been quite variable in recent years. So, how might we respond relative to our resources, and particularly, our water supplies?

Water: Give, Take & the Take Away

Water is a part of us, and yet its presence is most noteworthy when its availability is tested. Similarly, our perspectives often diminish in scope proportionally to the magnitude of a diminishing or lost resource. Perhaps this is a survival response, as if thinking more broadly might further diminish our access to sustenance and life. So,knowing this, what might we do today to enhance the life of our water resources and in turn, our own, interconnected lives? Expansive thinking, and responses are welcomed.

Spring is Here! (at least our calendars say that is true)

POSSIBILITIES SPRINGING UP! It is time to plan for the planting season! Those of us at True nature Design are thinking GARDENS! So many possibilities...

Herbs: An Herbal Infusion

This past Monday, March 11, I had an opportunity to present to a number of folks interested in learning more about herbs as a part of Mother Earth Gardens winter/spring seminar series. Those in attendance on Monday had a number of great questions, and although I answered each one as it arose, some I felt deserved a bit more detailed response. So, this blog post is dedicated to those questions.

Still. Here.

Stillness Replaced By Clamoring Activity There was a time when winter was associated with stillness. Although we had to work hard to stay warm, winter was also a time to rest and rejuvenate our energies for the planting, growing and harvest seasons we know as spring, summer and autumn. Even today, it is not unusual for a Midwesterner to address a neighbor in the spring after the long winter months by saying, “So, I haven’t seen you in awhile. Were you hibernating?” To which, we tend to either respond by saying, “Yeah, it was a long winter.” Or by saying, “Actually, I was busy seeing family, busy traveling, and busy, engaged in a whole myriad of other activities.” We have entered the long awaited turning point. March.

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