And, I pronounce you Civilized Nature

Seeking and Chasing Ice This evening I went to my favorite neighborhood theatre, the Riverview, to see the movie Chasing Ice, a documentary by the acclaimed nature photographer, James Balog, and his team of assistants. Questions came to mind quickly and moved through me like the fresh water racing through the moulins at the surface of a glacier. We are inextricably a part of nature, and yet have human beings dissolved their relationship with her? Or perhaps, nature is beginning the process, and is separating herself from us? Will we reconnect with nature or only see her on weekends? Can we survive without her? Perhaps, there is a new relationship waiting for us out there beyond here? Do we believe we can make it on our own without her fresh air, water and other life sustaining resources?

Winter gardening… who knew?

Winter? What winter? A Minnesota winter is generally distinguished by snow and cold, and yet that which is true in nature in the upper Midwest seems to be changing. This past January was warmer than normal with minimal precipitation. Despite these truths, if asked, most of us Minnesotans would likely remember freezing most of the time. What seems to be consistent is the inconsistency of our experiences, and once, strong seasonal variations are becoming less distinct and less certain. ...So what does this mean for our gardens? What does this mean for you as a gardener? The changing climate means we need to get out into our gardens and make preparations or take precautions we previously did not consider. Below is a list of some things to be doing or at least considering now to prevent or minimize plant loss.

Roxanne's Response to Nature as Green

Perhaps it goes without saying, but I was moved by what Don Shelby is inviting each of us to do. And, I do not fault technology for our new realities. If I did, I would not embrace the idea of Blogs nor other social media opportunities as platforms to support my work. Rather, I simply want us to stop long enough to WAKE UP! Ask yourself, where am I relative to nature, being green and sustainable? Would you feel more comfortable with the message if it were reframed?

naturE as grEEn & sustainablE with a BIG "E"

Today, I am eager to know what each of you thinks about when I say the words “nature” “green”, and “sustainable.” We are in mid-January of 2013, and as you can imagine, seeing green and “green” activities are rare in the Midwest at this time of year. For some, the holidays introduce nature’s gift of green into their homes, but for the most part, we are celebrating all things white. Nature… well, that is something “out there” in the cold, which is embraced only by the hardy, outdoor winter enthusiasts. And, thoughts of sustainability might be viewed as simply keeping warm.

Patio in a day… Really?

My focus in this blog is on patios. Most well constructed patios require proper placement, grading and excavation; a solid foundation of 7” or more of crushed limestone and sand; stone or paver installation; edge support and joint filler. Taken as a short list of steps and materials, this may seem like an easy project for a homeowner to complete in a weekend, but is it really?

So, what’s for dinner?

Throughout much of the year, those of us who are savvy urban edible gardeners may find a multitude of things in our gardens to incorporate into our diets.

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