This past spring I worked with others to lay the ground work for creating a food producing highway for us and the pollinators out of forgotten shared spaces within the city (over 1100 acres of boulevards in Minneapolis alone!). I started an initiative I coined as Shared Lands Grow. Good intentions and lofty goals were met by the realities of scale. Despite that, we are making things happen in these areas.

Shared Lands Grow 

Then, in August, nearly a dozen Monarchs graced my garden in search of nectar, and half of them could be found on two Liatris aspera. This experience was exceptional, because I had simply placed these “leftover plugs” under my very dry and south-facing eve late, in the fall of 2013, and in less than a year, they stood as colorful sentinels inviting the winged ones to dine! 

This showed me that even minimal effort could have a BIG impact! Those Liatris and the visiting Monarchs told me that my effort did not have to be as big as my desire and passion to help them and us.  We simply need to plant 2, (known neonic free, pollinator plants, of course)!

That said, I am inviting you to "Just Plant 2" during the 2015 garden season, and for those of you uncertain about which plants to choose, I can certainly help guide you! Together, we will be able to create a web of supportive habitat for the winged ones, and do so with minimal energy or cost. In turn, we will benefit from their beauty and the work they do in Nature, which spirals into an ever increasing series of life-giving outcomes.

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Just Plant

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