We have an opportunity to choose change rather than be impacted by it.  Bees, water, and food are all connected and interrelated to one another and to each of us.  We can choose to help the bees, and in turn, we may have a positive impact on our water and food supplies.  Or, we may choose to do a variety of things in these various realms, and see a broader benefit play out.

So, that said, what CHOICES can you make?  They are as simple as A,B, C!

  • Ask questions.  What is causing all of this concern?  How were my garden plants and seeds raised...with or without Neonicitoids?  What are the best ways to help the pollinators? How can I help to clean and maintain our water supplies?  Do we have a food shortage issue as we are often led to believe, or a food distribution issue?
  • Be conscious.  Purchase predominantly, locally grown, and if possible, organic food.  Use heirloom rather than hybid seeds in your gardens.  Tread lightly in your gardens with good soil building and plant companioning practices.  Capture water on your property for reuse and to recharge a larger aquifer.
  • Connect.  Create partnerships with your yard, your neighbors and your larger community.  Do not let property lines limit how you see and share land resources.  See what nature is providing to you as a gift rather than as something to wrangle or control.  Realize that all things, beings and places are interconnected, and what we do here affects something there.  

I think the challenges we are experiencing today are simply invitations to think and be in a different way.  It may seem as though we have fewer opportunities than in the past, particularly as it relates to polliinators, water and food sources, and that is true, if we continue making the same choices which brought us to these poignant challenges.  That said, what are YOU going to CHOOSE?  

Contact me at 612-558-3161 or via email: roxanne@truenaturedesignonline.com for guidance in making new choices relative to pollinators, our water and food resources.  I have spent a lifetime working with and within these realms, and I truly want to share my know how to benefit and promote CHOICE changes.


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