One Seed and an Invitation


Today, I am thinking about seeds. The organic and heirloom vegetable and herb seeds I ordered from Seed Savers arrived this week. Yeah! I am excitedly thinking about the combinations I have planned for various containers and other spots within my small urban lot, and staying open to integrating them in other ways, including seed sharing with neighbors and friends.

All of these thoughts for me, as they may be for you, are a welcomed reprieve from the weariness felt at this juncture in our winter season. Soon, I will be starting my Red Wethersfield Onions, Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage, Red Russian Kale, Rosa Bianca Eggplant and Sweet Marjoram in my small, interior growing area.  Their names simply bring a smile to my face. One of my greatest joys in life is to hold those tiny seeds, gently nestle them into the soil, and then nurture them along to encourage them to grow. Witnessing those seeds become plants, which then flower and produce the food that I will enjoy and share is one of my greatest amazements!

Perhaps then, it is not surprising that I find this process of planting a seed, nurturing it along, and sharing the bounty of those efforts to be the driving energy behind most of my thoughts and actions. I truly believe ALL beings deserve a garden! The form certainly varies with each life being, each environment, and each community we are a part of, and for some, it may be a metaphorical expression of a garden. But, in all instances, each of us needs to have room to plant seeds. This inherent part of being alive is one aspect of a thriving life, whether we are human or otherwise.

So, how can my heart-sourced seeds move out of this little package embodied within me to become their own entity? I simply have to plant them!  But, where should my seed imaginings go? This act of writing is one garden for them. This garden will expand into other gardens, if I share my thoughts with you. And, so it goes, the planting of one seed, growing and expanding into other gardens and creating a bounty, which feeds many.

I have long pondered how this seed, growth, bounty relationship may be the answer to some of the biggest questions of our day, such as water, food and land resources; climate changes and effects; and our overall health and wellbeing. I have also been inspired and at times, challenged by a quote from Marcel Proust, “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." This quote has graced the alley-side of my garage for ten years, and originally had a clear and distinct connection to the work I do, speaking to the landscape designer part of myself that has been gifted with an opportunity to create for others.

In this moment, though, this quote holds something bigger for me. And, although I want to share more of my thoughts, and plant my seed imaginings with you, I would like to ask you to focus on your voyage. What are you seeing?  How might you reframe what you are seeing and experiencing? Abundance is all around us. It is the path we take and the decisions we make, which will determine how we feed and and sustain all of the gifts of living on this planet. I will share more of my ideas soon, but want to hear more from you.  Email me your thoughts!

Groundswells from Roxanne Stuhr 2.23.14

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