We can install all or a portion of your landscape.

We provide a detailed installation proposal as a roadmap

Once a design is completed, I provide you with a detailed and itemized proposal for the installation of each aspect of the vision we created together. An itemized format, the proposal allows you to see the general order of events in the installation process; helps us to identify the areas you want to begin with as we bring your vision to fruition; and acts as a roadmap which may be used to plan the work relative to budgetary or timing considerations.

Generally, an installation begins with site preparation followed by the building of hardscapes (patios, walks, decks, etc), the installation of irrigation and lighting, and culminates with softscapes (planting) and mulching.

You may choose to have us install all or a portion of your landscape. Either way, we are here to guide you through the process.

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Roxanne Stuhr Installing Landscape

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