“Through our connection,
may we grow in ways not
yet known, and may what
we create be life giving.”

– R.T.Stuhr

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Landscape Services & FAQ

Who are we? 

An experienced landscape design, landscape installation and garden management team.

What do we do within the field of landscape and landscaping?


  • Onsite consultations to help you conceptualize and then realize your landscape dreams and ideas
  • Scaled blue prints of small or large gardens/landscapes if needed or requested
  • Custom details of decks, pergolas, fences, retaining walls, water features, landscape lighting water catchment systems etc.


  • Small gardens (perennials and annuals)
  • Large landscapes (all types of plants; retaining walls; paved/paver/stone pathways; decks; pergolas; fences
  • Container design with annuals and other amenities through the seasons
  • Open to the DIY person having us do a portion of the proposed work, and then they do the rest.
  • Professional Consulting Guidance for the DIY person.

Garden Management

  • Weeding
  • Deadheading
  • Pruning of trees and shrubs under 10 feet in height
  • Annual planting
  • Perennial planting
  • Perennial dividing and transplanting
  • Pest control (using Nature supportive methods first such as companion planting or IPM; and chemicals sparingly and as last choice)
  • Soil Conditioning (compost, compost tea, etc)

What do we NOT do in the landscape? 

  • Irrigation
  • Arborist or tree care services
  • Lawn care

Note: All of these are specialty areas, and we have some great relationships with specialists we can refer.

What do we KNOW?

Roxanne was educated as a landscape architect, and has worked in numerous realms within the landscape "green" industry for nearly 35 years. Her team has 20 plus years of experience. All combined, we KNOW:

  • Landscape Design (large and small scale)
  • Retaining Walls (natural stone, poured in place, etc)
  • Water Retention and Reuse (cisterns, rain gardens, water features, dry wells, etc)
  • Concrete (walks, drives, steps, retaining walls)
  • Plants (natives and ornamentals; perennials, trees, shrubs and annuals)
  • Wood Structures (Decks, steps, pergolas, etc)
  • Garden Maintenance (plant concerns and plant needs)

Our designers have dirt under their fingernails, and know the personalities of plants!


Specialty Areas:

Water Retention and Reuse

Food & Forage Gardens

Healing Gardens

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